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Do you ever look at your child's facial expressions or hear their giggle and wish that you could remember THAT look, THAT moment forever?

My goal is to help capture and preserve those sensations for you and your family so that 20 years from now, that giggle, that grin, that head tilt can always light up your room.

There is no set of rules for my sessions. I encourage kids to be, well KIDS!! So, if you are looking for the perfectly posed, stagnant photos... I am NOT your girl.

However, if you are wanting an EXPERIENCE with your family that you will want to re-live over and over again...I am DEFINITELY your girl!!

Jules Photography is more than just pictures for a frame. Its about taking the little moments...the sunshine, the giggles, the squirminess and the LOVE and preserving it for a lifetime to come!

Whether you're wild in spirit and want to take your session to the wilderness, or if you're just wild at heart I have studio sessions available in downtown Calhoun, Georgia.

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