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Wilderness Sessions

Ready for an awesome adventure resulting in epic photos?

Wilderness sessions are where my heart and soul are. Growing up I spent all my time outside unless I was in the dance studio or church. When the time to go to college rolled around I knew that I wanted to end up in a profession that allowed me to be outside as much as possible. 

I studied Outdoor & Therapeutic Recreation and worked for many years with environmental centers and camps and loved every second!!

I am First aid and CPR certified and I have studied and practice Leave no trace principles as well as having been previously WFR (Wilderness First Responder) certified. (looking to re-cert soon)

I say all this to ensure you that when you travel into the back country with me, if only a few yards, you are in qualified and capable hands.

Safety is always my first priority and making sure everyone stays safe while having the best time and hopefully experiencing some incredible views!!

Local friends to North Georgia, we have so many STUNNING backdrops at our fingertips, I can help you narrow down the perfect spot for your family. 

Friends who aren't so local, love my work and still want to book me? Let's chat about where you are, or maybe we meet up on that incredible family vacation you've always dreamed of.

I am ALWAYS willing to travel and go wherever your memories are being made, lets just chat about the details ;)

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Ready?... Lets GO!

Seniors, Couples, Families, Pets, etc.

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